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juniper + gin + oak
**CLEAN SCENT (reduced fragrance toxin load)
scent category: earthy

Aged oak barrels in a forest of red cedars and old cypress trees take you on a weekend getaway a little bit North where it’s a bit coller out. You see gin & tonics being poured on the makeshift bar, a piece of poplar wood resting on two old wine barrels being the only sign this land has been touched in this picturesque postcard. A smell that will bring you back this laughter filled weekend road trip.

Additional notes include oak, cedar, balsam, cypress, red currant, as well as is infused with natural essential oils, including cedarwood, patchouli, cypress, geranium, and mint.

***The Gentlemen's Collection now comes with a complimentary black wooden lid instead of a natural wooden lid.


fill wt: 10 oz | 270 g
candle size: 3.5”x4” matte black glass vessel
wax/wick: scented coconut soy vegan wax with a spiral wooden wick & black wooden lid

Recommendation: This candle is best burned in a large room such as a kitchen, living room, bedroom, or open floor plan.

Please note:
Each candle is hand poured one by one, therefore variations & flaws may appear.
Shipping may also affect the quality & look of your candle. Extra care will be used when shipping during Arizona's hottest months. Shipping will only occur Mon-Thurs due to the heat in AZ.

The enjoyment & opinions of candle scents are subjective. There are no refunds.


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