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scent category: floral
**CLEAN SCENT (reduced fragrance toxin load)

Long stemmed magnolias and peonies freshly cut out back in the garden, adorned by green leaves & freesia with hints of cherry blossom, bergamot, amber, & powder fill your kitchen with a beautiful floral scent.


MEMORIES is a peony scented vegan coconut soy wax candle created in honor of Pat. Pat’s energetic & thoughtful nature was unique. She left an impression on everyone who knew her.

Pat is missed every day by her daughter Erin Roe, the owner & creator of Confidence Candle Company. Erin’s memories of time spent with her mother are perfectly vivid, thus Pat’s Peony candle, MEMORIES, was created. She continues to be inspired by her mother’s vast creative talents, extensive attention to detail, unwavering work ethic, thoughtfulness & kind heart.

Although this candle is part of the Soleil Collection, it is accompanied by a Purpose Card, which only those in the LUX Collection include. Confidence Candle Company was founded with the intention of creating candles for use as a consistent reminder to women to put conscious effort daily into leveling up, working toward self-improvement, making smarter choices, & challenging thoughts to become better & gain confidence. The candles of the LUX collection each remind you of a unique perspective to focus on for self growth. Your MEMORIES candle will include a Purpose Card as well.

MEMORIES has been chosen as the Legacy candle since the founding first year of Confidence Candle Company in honor of Pat.

Pat loved her peony garden and all the flowers she enjoyed planting each May. A pink peony was the last flower she saw & holds a special place in my family’s hearts. For Mother’s Day this May, consider gifting this exquisite hand poured candle, MEMORIES.

You inhale as you walk past gorgeous blooms in deep pink, light pink, and white. The touch of citrus is invigorating among the floral blend of the peony garden, dianthus, and orange blossoms. There is the faintest vanilla breeze as you can’t help but take in another breath.


MEMORIES is the chosen LEGACY candle in memory of Pat, the mother of the owner of Confidence Candle Company. The light floral peony fragrance is a happy aroma with notes of orange blossoms & sweet vanilla. Every time you ignite your legacy candle's flame, let the light be a reminder to spend your days purposefully. Take small steps daily to work toward a passion you love, or a message you'd like to leave behind as your legacy. The smell of a peony is imprinted in our mind. A certain song brings us back to a moment in time. What imprint do you want to leave behind to capture your essence? Let the light of the flame also remind you to stop & smell the flowers, make the calls, plan the lunches, & take the photographs. I invite you to close your eyes & let your thoughts fill with whimsical memories of your own. Continue creating memories to smile back on.

(MEMORIES scent has replaced Memoire Parfait.)


fill wt: 12 oz | 340 g
candle size: 3.75”x4.1” matte white glass vessel
wax/wick: scented coconut soy vegan wax with a crackling wooden wick & white dust cover

To purchase a lid, click here for the ZETA cork lid or ZOLA silver metal lid!

Recommendation: This candle is best burned in a large room such as a kitchen, living room, bedroom, or open floor plan.

A special feature of the SOLEIL collection is that almost every scent has a signature colored vessel. ENLIGHTEN  is featured in a cool grey matte glass vessel, hand poured in Arizona. Please plan to you have your package removed from a mailbox and/or removed from a porch & brought indoors as soon as possible after delivery for temperature & product stability. 

The Soleil Collection is LIMITED EDITION for Spring/Summer 2022. Please email for special requests.

Please note:
Each candle is hand poured one by one, therefore variations & flaws may appear. 
Shipping may also affect the quality & look of your candle. Extra care will be used when shipping during Arizona's hottest months. Shipping will only occur Mon-Thurs due to the heat in AZ. Please plan to have your package removed from a mailbox and/or removed from a porch & brought indoors as soon as possible after delivery for temperature & product stability. 

The enjoyment & opinions of candle scents are subjective. There are no refunds.


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