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Candle Care Kit - 4 pc.

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Aesthetically pleasing, this all black kit is an excellent addition to your thoughtful gift when purchasing a candle as a present.  Your candle care kit will include a wick trimmer, wick snuffer, wick dipper, and accessory tray to hold and display your items. Wick care is recommended for not only safety, but for the longevity, look and scent throw of your candle.

Make trimming your wick prior to each candle lighting a priority. The snuffer will reduce smoke and the dipper can be used to straighten cotton wicks and clean out wooden wick particles. If your candle tray is used for your candle to protect surfaces from heat, be sure to never store an electric lighter on the tray as well.

Do not burn candles for more than 4 hrs. Trim once cool. It is recommend to burn for 2-4 hrs each burn to fain a full melt pool width wise. Candle wicks trimmed to 1/4 inch (or slightly shorter for wooden wicks) burn better, create less soot & smoke, & throw better fragrance over the life of the candle. 

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