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pineapple + sage + palm tree leaf
**CLEAN SCENT (reduced fragrance toxin load)
scent category: fruity

You walked in the hotel lobby and couldn’t help but look up higher and higher at the tall white columns throughout the vast lobby in awe of the spaciousness , as you hear the hustle and bustle of guests sitting and sipping coffee to your left. The bell hop just placed your luggage onto a shiny gold cart and is going to meet you at your room. You reach the front desk and place your arms on the cool white marble countertop and notice the most vibrant floral centerpiece your eyes ever did see. Palm leaves burst out of either side, pompas grass is taller than you can see up in a quick glance, and real pineapples are placed in the center amongst yellow calla lilies and white roses. Woody spirals are scattered throughout the display. You are given your room key and as you turn, a staff member in a monstera printed button up linen shirt is placing a luau necklace around your neck and handing you a virgin mojito with pineapple on the rim. The smell is simply intoxicating.

Additional notes include green leaves, anise, sugar, as well as  is infused with natural essential oils, including eucalyptus, cedar, vetiver, palmarosa, clary sage, lemongrass, amyris, black pepper, cade, and blue chamomile flower.

(This is the same scent as The Tropics in the Resort Collection.)


Each BOHEMIAN NIGHTS candle includes a complimentary Orange Aventurine crystal.

*This candle is not to be used for medical or healing purposes, nor claims to heal or cure any conditions. This crystal is decorative purposes.


fill wt: 12 oz | 340 g
candle size: 3.75”x4.1” matte white glass vessel
wax/wick: scented coconut soy vegan wax with a crackling wooden wick and includes the ZOLA silver metal lid!

Recommendation: This candle is best burned in a large room such as a kitchen, living room, bedroom, or open floor plan.

LUNAR BLOSSOM is featured in a white matte glass vessel, hand poured in Arizona.

Please email for special requests.

Please note:
Each candle is hand poured one by one, therefore variations & flaws may appear. 
Shipping may also affect the quality & look of your candle. Extra care will be used when shipping during Arizona's hottest months. Shipping will only occur Mon-Thurs due to the heat in AZ. Please plan to have your package removed from a mailbox and/or removed from a porch & brought indoors as soon as possible after delivery for temperature & product stability. 

The enjoyment & opinions of candle scents are subjective. There are no refunds.


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