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scent category: earthy

100% natural. This vegan wax is blended with a palo santo and sage combination with grounding cedarwood and clove. The idea of cleansing the negativity from your space to allow positivity, peace, & protection to surround you goes hand in hand with the Angels numbers guiding your spirit along it's path.

11 alone or 11:11 is special to my family and I, and is also a common Angel's number seen. This is no way replaces my belief in God. We are energy, and are one with plants and nature, and I feel opening your intuitive pathways to receive messages in number, dragonfly, butterfly, feather, penny, cardinal, hawk, deer, or other form creates both comfort and a more fulfilling journey throughout our lifetime. 

The alleged healing of the ancient wood palo santo and the spirit of sage can only add to our wholeness while in human form.  We are not of this world, we are in this world.

Protect your energy, and do the inner work daily to prevent outside influences from penetrating your aura. Vibrate at a higher frequency for improved wellbeing, and take time daily for self-care as you make time for love, self-reflections, and passions.

I hope you use this candle as a time for deep breathing and repeating mantras of optimism, since we each need to remind ourselves to be proud of where you are at this point, with no judgement of the past. I encourage you to both set firm intentions and pray while this candle is lit. 

Don't forget the story that we are all on a train, and we don't know which stop is ours, in other words, no ones knows when we leave this Earth, so prioritize staying grounded while here, without social media's influence. Do not look at your phone so much, taking in an abnormal amount of varying information, and instead seek your childlike imagination and make space for your own desires and decisions to come through to you with clarity. Embrace the small things around you, and avoid the rat race and hamster wheel of past generations. Stop following trends. Why would you want to be like everything else, when you are so absolutely incredible. Now I sound like the 'Wear Sunscreen' song of about '99. Gen x y z look up that song, it includes excellent advice. 

Be okay with the idea that to be on Earth, we are not supposed to know the answers so focus on being content with the unknown.

Look for signs.  What are you thinking about what you see Angels numbers? Find reassurance in the fact someone is watching over you and giving you a sign. Whether you believe in guardian angels, spiritual guides, or both, be open to any signs, messages, or Angel's numbers you receive. Just like my Footprints in the Sand candle's poem inspiration, you never walk alone so be thankful for any signs you receive.

Enjoy your 11:11 candle.

*Stay tuned, a short medication will accompany this candle.


Black obsidian has been added as well. It is known to remove negative energies and negative emotions, as well as remove energy blockages to gain clarity.
Grounding, Protecting, Healing
Primary Chakras: Root

I chose this stone to assist in cooperation with the cleansing properties of sage and ancient palo santo fragrances.

This fragrance is ISO 9235 Certified.
(ISO-9235 is the specific certification and compliance standards for natural fragrances.)

Notes include: Orange, Chinotto, Palo Santo, Clove, Cypress, Sage, Cedarwood, Black Wood

*Please note this is not to replace medical care and is not guaranteed to heal or cleanse. Please consult your physician before use.


This candle is limited edition. I make custom candles as well. Please email or DM me to tell me about the vision for your special occasion candles.


fill wt: 12 oz | 340 g
candle size: 3.75”x4.1” metallic copper colored glass vessel with a complimentary metal lid and black obsidian crystals
wax/wick: scented coconut soy vegan wax with a crackling wooden wick

Recommendation: This candle is best burned in a large room such as a kitchen, living room, bedroom, or open floor plan.

Please email for special requests.

Please note:
Each candle is hand poured one by one, therefore variations & flaws may appear.
Shipping may also affect the quality & look of your candle. Extra care will be used when shipping during Arizona's hottest months. Shipping will only occur Mon-Thurs due to the heat in AZ. Please plan to you have your package removed from a mailbox and/or removed from a porch & brought indoors as soon as possible after delivery for temperature & product stability. 

The enjoyment & opinions of candle scents are subjective. There are no refunds.


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